The exciting prequel!

So the other day I posted a little video clip. I wasn’t completely honest about it. It was related to clay, that squirrel was on a tree behind me when I was digging up the clay. I think it was worried that I was looking for its food. I would like to apologize for the poor quality of the video and to the squirrel. This is clip of the find, just another obscure ceramic moment. Here are some pics of maiolica pieces I made 2008-2009.

Questionable Ceramics Content

I probably shouldn’t be posting this video here. But I am going to anyway, in the meantime here is a short side story.

 I have mentioned several times that I am a graduate from Sheridan’s Ceramics program. During the summer before our second year we were given the task of finding our own clay from a natural source. Excluding “natural” sources like PSH or Tuckers. I was living in East York a neighborhood in Toronto. My apartment was near the old Don Valley brick works so I was sure my task was going to be simple. And it was there was clay every where it was easy to find along the many Dona Valley trails. Here is a little video that isn’t really related to clay or ceramics. I just felt like I had to post it for others to see.